The International Tibet Network’s Steering Committee is responsible for setting policy, ensuring the Network meets its financial and legal commitments and hiring the Executive Director. Steering Committee members are elected from all the regions of the world where there are Tibet Groups (six continents).

Dhardon Sharling Co-Chair


Kyinzom Dhongdue Co-Chair


Composition of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of representatives elected by the International Tibet Network’s member organisations on a regional basis. The Tibetan Government in Exile appoints a two-person liaison for purposes of assuring dialogue, consultation and co-ordination. The International Tibet Network operates independently of the Tibetan Government in Exile, and its two-person liaison representatives have no voting rights on the Steering Committee. The number of seats on the Steering Committee for each region is set out below. This structure takes into consideration the number of groups, the number of countries with groups and the number of United Nations member states in each region.



United States 4
Western Europe (two seats reserved for French-speaking areas) 4
South Asia 3
Central & South America 2
Rest of Asia 1
Central & Eastern Europe,Russia & CIS 2
Northern Europe 1
Canada 1
Australasia 1
Africa & Middle East 1
Sub-total: 20
+ Observers from Tibetan Government in Exile 2
Total (Maximun) 22

Current Steering Committee Members are as follows (Name in alphabetical order, country and region they represent)

Carole Samdup (Canada)

Carole Samdup

Cerys Tramontini

Cerys Tramontini
Brazil (Central and South America)

Dennis Cusack

Dennis Cusack

Dorjee Tsetan India (South Asia)

Dorjee Tsetan
India (South Asia)


Dulce Rico
Mexico City (Central & South America)


Emmanuelle Corbeau
France (French-speaking Western Europe)

Giovanni Vassallo USA

Giovanni Vassallo


Kyinzom Dhongdue
Australia (Australasia) | Co Chair

Migmar Wangdu Raith Switzerland (Western Europe)

Migmar Wangdu Raith
Switzerland (Western Europe)

Natasha Inozemtseva (C&E Europe and Russia)

Natasha Inozemtseva
(Central & Eastern Europe and Russia)


Nyima Lhamo
India (South Asia)


Phillipa Carrick
UK (Western Europe)


Rinzin Tsomo
Sweden (Northern Europe)

Susan Dayan Israel (Middle East and Africa)

Susan Dayan
Israel (Middle East and Africa)

Tanya Svenchnikova

Tanya Svenchnikova
Bulgaria (Central and Eastern Europe)


Sonam Dagpo
Observer, representing the Tibetan Government in Exile


Tenzin Dhardon Sharling
India (South Asia) | Co Chair


Tenzin Dolkar

Tsering Wangchuk, Observer Representing the Tibetan Government in Exile

Tsering Wangchuk
Observer Representing the Tibetan Government in Exile

Vincent Metten Belgium (French-Speaking Western Europe)

Vincent Metten
Belgium (French-Speaking Western Europe)

male silhouette

Wangchuk Shakabpa

Wang Hsing-chung

Wang Hsing-Chung
Taiwan (Rest of Asia)

Steering committee members of the International Tibet Network with staff and observers from different NGOs at the Annual General Meeting in London, November 2014.

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