About Us

Our purpose is to maximise the effectiveness of the worldwide Tibet movement.


Mandie McKeown

Executive Director

Mandie McKeown
based in the UK

Campaigns Coordinator

Laila Tara Schumann
based in the Netherlands

Campaigns Coordinator

Rashi Jauhri
based in the UK

East Asia Regional Coordinator

Aurora Chang
based in Taiwan

Asia Coordinator

Lobsang Yangtso
based in India

Latin America Coordinator

Tereluz Flores
based in Mexico

Operations and Resources Coordinator

Ngawang Youtso
based in India

Digital Media Coordinator

Pema Yoko
based in the UK

Finance and Reporting Manager

Alison Reynolds
based in the UK


The International Tibet Network is a global coalition of Tibet-related non-governmental organisations. Its purpose is to maximise the effectiveness of the worldwide Tibet movement. The Network works to increase the capacity of individual member organisations, develops coordinated strategic campaigns, and encourages increased cooperation among organisations, thereby strengthening the Tibet movement as a whole.

Network members are committed to non-violence as a fundamental principle of the Tibetan struggle. They regard Tibet as an occupied country and recognise the Tibetan Government in Exile as the sole legitimate government of the Tibetan people. Beyond these principles, the International Tibet Network respects the variety of views and opinions of its member organisations, for example concerning Tibet’s future political status, and believes that diversity strengthens our movement.

We currently have over 120 member organisations. The Network’s day to day functioning is managed by a small Secretariat, whose work is overseen by an elected Steering Committee. Steering Committee members represent all six continents where there are Tibet Groups. Tibet Network was founded in 2000 at the Third International Tibet Support Group Conference in Berlin. Initially called the International Tibet Support Network, the proposal for its formation – developed by a global group of Tibet campaigners – was welcomed unanimously.


We believe the global Tibet movement is most effective when our members come together and work in collaboration. To support and develop collaboration Tibet Network organize regular meetings, information exchange sessions and training to enable our member organisations to devise and engage in detailed strategic campaign planning.


We develop coordinated campaign strategies in a variety of ways, including via Campaign Working Groups made up of Network member organisation representatives, or with Task Forces set up to analyse specific situation analysis and recommend related strategies.

Capacity Building

We work to build the strength and capacity of the Tibet movement by helping Network member organisations build their resources and increase the skill-base of their campaigners. We develop and provide training in key areas including supporter development and mobilisation, fundraising, strategic campaign planning and communication skills.


Tibet Network membership is open to all Tibet related non-governmental organisations with a commitment to non-violence; this includes Tibetan Associations, Tibetan NGOs, and Tibet Support Groups.

We are the largest coalition of Tibet-related organisations and we respect the range of views and opinions of all Member organisations, and believe diversity strengthens our movement. Currently there are more than 100 Member Groups from 50 different countries. 

Why become a member of the International Tibet Network?

Becoming a member group of Tibet Network you will be joining a coalition of diverse organisations that together bring strength and solidarity. As a collective Tibet Network signifies a strong desire to find lasting solutions to the serious issues of the situation in Tibet, and to member groups commitment to strategic coordination.  

What are the benefits?

  • Show of strength, solidarity and community.
  • Collective development of strategic campaign plans, materials and resources.
  • Interactive space to discuss and develop with other Tibet groups and like-minded individuals.
  • Invitations to join Regional Meetings, Campaign Working groups, Tibet Group discussions and information sharing sessions.
  • On-line ‘Get Togethers’, webinars and training sessions.
  • Online campaigning platforms and supporter mobilisation.
  • One to one sessions with our experienced team of campaigners and regional coordinators.
  • Advice and knowledge sharing centre. 

How to join Coordinated Campaigns?

Each individual Group can decide which, if any, actions and campaign they want to take part in – according to your resources and priorities. Tibet Network always offers a variety of ways to take part – from the simple to the more developed. Groups can also choose if they would like to work behind the scenes on the development of individual campaigns or just use the plans and resources that are developed.

We also encourage Groups to take the initiative to propose campaigns that the Network can work on, and all members are encouraged to take an active role on campaign working groups no matter how much experience you have.  

Are Tibetan NGOs and Tibetan Associations members of the International Tibet Network?

Most Tibetan NGOs are members of the Network and a number of representatives of Tibetan NGOs are active members of the Network’s Steering Committee.

We also have a strong list of Tibetan Associations and Communities that are active members and that have contributed to our strategic planning and coordination via Regional meetings.

What is the Membership Fee?

Tibet Network understands that the majority of our Members finances are unpredictable. We therefore have a sliding scale and ask that Members make a contribution to the Network dependent on what the Group’s annual income is. To help Groups work out an appropriate contribution we have a sliding scale ranging from as little as $25. See here the recommended contribution. 

The bulk of the Network’s funding comes from grant-making trusts and foundations. However we do see contributions from Members as extremely important as it is a demonstration of commitment to the Network and shows our funders the strength of support for International Tibet Network.

And you can pay your Membership Contribution HERE

• Membership Form for Tibet Groups [Google Doc]