Founded: 1988
Address: via Pinturicchio, 25, 20133 Milan – Italy
Main Contact: Günter Cologna
+39 0471055440

The Italian-Tibet Association is a non-profit, legally constituted organization. Established in 1988, the Association aims to support the work of the Dalai Lama, the highest religious authority in Tibet, and its exiled government, in order for the Tibetan people to recognize the right to self-determination and to guarantee the fundamental civil liberties.

To promote the knowledge of Tibetan reality, the Italian-Tibet Association:

  • Organize political and cultural manifestations to raise public awareness of the history and development of the Tibetan problem
  • Keeps in touch with the political world, with human rights organizations and with all the groups that are sensitive to these issues
  • It maintains its own website ( ) and is present on Facebook with the discussion group “Human torches in Tibet”.

The Tibetan-Tibet Association also helps concretely the Tibetan community in exile by supporting development cooperation projects.