Founded: 1988
Address: PO Box 704, Darlinghurst,
NSW 1300, Australia
Main Contact: Kyinzom Dhongdue
+61 2 8005 1497
Facebook: /AustraliaTibetCouncil
Twitter: @tibetcouncil

For more than 20 years, the ATC community has fought and won campaigns in support of Tibetan human rights and democratic freedoms. From stopping Australian companies from exploiting Tibet’s resources to campaigning successfully for the release of political prisoners to pushing the Australian government to publicly speak out on Tibet, we have shone the spotlight on oppression and injustice, empowered Australia’s young Tibetans and amplified the voices of the Tibetan people in their call for freedom.

  • ATC works to better educate the Australian public, media, parliament and other key institutions on why Tibet matters in today’s world – its rich culture, strategic position in Asia and unique environment.
  • Several times a year ATC staff meet directly with politicians and government officials to seek concrete action on Tibet.
  • ATC helps to strengthen the exile community through projects such as Freedom Education Program, which enables former political prisoners to develop the necessary educational and employment skills to rebuild a new life in exile.
  • We help young Tibetans in becoming stronger advocates through trainings and advocacy days.
  • As an active player in the International Tibet Network, we take part in strategic planning processes at international and regional Tibet Support Group conferences.