Founded: 1989
Address: Orizaba 93 Col. Roma
Mexico City, Mexico
Main Contact: Marco Antonio Karam
Phone: +52 5555110802
Facebook: /Casatibetmexico
Twitter: @casatibetmexico

We are an educational, non – sectarian cultural institution, founded in July 1989 under the auspices of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama (Nobel Peace Prize 1989), the Tibetan Government in Exile and the Office of Tibet in New York, as the first official representation of the Tibetan people for Latin America. Becoming the third institution of this type founded in the world after the House of Tibet in New Delhi and Tibet House New York. In recent years nine more venues have joined this family: the Tibet House Barcelona, Paris, London, Italy, Moscow, Switzerland, Holland, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Budapest.

Our mission
Inspired by the eternal legacy of compassion and love of the Tibetan Buddhist culture, our central purpose is to make accessible to every person, without distinction of creeds, races, and sexual orientation, culture, art, philosophy, science and millennial methods of human development preserved in the “roof of the world”.