Founded: 1992
Address: PO Box 60612,
Palo Alto, CA 94306,
Main Contact: Geoff Lewis
Phone: +1 415 347 1950
Facebook: /c100tibet
Twitter: @c100tibet

Tibetans, with their distinct culture, religion, ethnic origin, language and national identity, are an oppressed people in China-occupied Tibet and face the real threat of total assimilation.

The C100 is dedicated to educating people throughout the world on the tragic situation in Tibet today. Tibetans continue to be deprived of their basic human rights and freedoms, are marginalized and impoverished by unjust and discriminatory policies, and their unique culture and Buddhist religion – an ancient heritage of inestimable value to all humanity – is in peril.

We defend the right of Tibetans to their own national identity and chosen way of life and are committed to advancing the Tibetan people’s legitimate right to decide their own future consistent with their United Nations-recognized right to self-determination.