Founded: 2010
Address: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Main Contact: Hirofumi Kameda
Phone: +81 52-838-9650
Facebook: /dreamforchildren
Twitter: @NGO_DFC_Japan

Building a peaceful world without refugees


  • We investigate the situation of refugees at the site and send information. We conduct interviews at the site, gather information on causes and conditions of refugee occurrence, and transmit information through books, lectures, blogs, etc. Publications are here.
  • We provide living and educational support for refugees locally. We deliver clothes, stationary etc to the necessary places. In addition, we operate a school where refugees attend and English and computer education. In order to live in the exile, in addition, English and computer skills are necessary to get to work. In addition, scholarships are offered to students who wish to go on to university.
  • Translate Japanese books written by refugees and spread them to Japanese people. A book on which refugees wrote their own experiences has been issued locally. Translating it into Japanese, spreading the situation of refugees to Japan.