Founded: 1995
Address: 22, Boulevard Joseph II, Luxembourg
Main Contact: Florence Burette
+352 26 44 00 80

The association Les Amis du Tibet, Luxembourg (Friends of Tibet Luxembourg) was founded in 1995. The association was accepted as a Luxembourg NGO in 1997 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has enabled more than 30 development projects to be undertaken, co-funded by the Ministry of Cooperation. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the association invited His Holiness the Dalai Lama to give a public lecture in Luxembourg, which more than 6,000 people attended. At present, the association has almost 600 members.


The objectives of Les Amis du Tibet Luxembourg are:

  1. to support and assist the Tibetan people in their efforts to survive, to safeguard their national, cultural and religious identity and to establish their right to self-determination;
  2. to work by peaceful means to attain respect for human rights with regard to the Tibetan people;
  3. to make the general public aware of the urgent need to safeguard and restore the cultural and ecological heritage of Tibet;
  4.  to initiate and support cooperative development projects for the Tibetan community in India and Nepal, especially in education and health
  5.  to sponsor Tibetan children in order to fund their education in Tibetan schools in India: currently more than 100 pupils are supported by the association’s members.