Founded: 1996
Address: BP 46
saw 74140 France
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OBJECTIVE TIBET works for the survival of Tibetan culture and to help the Tibetan people in the following areas:

To make known Tibet and Tibetan culture: Creation and implementation of events, animations or other public interventions to make known the various aspects of this culture.

Sponsorship of Tibetan children – refugees: In Northern India, Objectif Tibet has been in contact since 1997 with the Tibetan Home Foundation of Mussoorie and sponsors 170 children and 14 elderly people (2013). Our sponsorship work is recognized by the Tibetan government of Dharamsala.

Humanitarian aid:

  • Financial or material assistance to Tibetans in India,
  • Support for punctual projects in India such as, schools (equipment and meals), dispensaries, solar water heaters, etc …
  • In remote areas of eastern Tibet, help in the creation of schools, health centers and agriculture.

Protection of prisoners:

  • Protection of Tibetan prisoners of conscience.
  • Help ex-prisoners to rebuild.

Defense of Human Rights and the Environment:

  • By working with the relevant authorities, UN, governments, elected officials, etc.
  • By raising public awareness through letters, press releases, events, petitions …

To act more effectively, the association is in touch with other support groups in Tibet, in France and around the world.