Address: 6 Cadinot Street
90850 ESSERT
Main Contact: Patrice Muccini
03 84 28 10 39
We are very happy to have you here, do not hesitate to share the Tibetan cause with your friends. There is very little way to put pressure on China, since it is the main source of big contracts for all Western countries; frightened by our unemployment, our political leaders have too often forgotten to negotiate either the release of a political detainee or a meeting with the Chinese leaders and the Dalai Lama so that he can negotiate a peace zone in Tibet and put an end to to more than 45 years of exile.
The Tibetan people will not be able to support for a long time the sufferings, the tortures, the massive transfers of Chinese colonists, the forced sterilizations, the deforestation, the storage of the nuclear waste but also the absence of their Dalai Lama.
It is in the hope that the mistakes of the past will not be renewed and to join all those, who already do a lot for Tibet and Tibetans, we created the association “Tibetan Passport”.