Founded: 1994
Address: Lobenhauerngasse 5 – 1170 Vienna, Austria 
Main Contact:  Kathrin Muellner
+43 1 484 9087
Facebook/  |  /savetibet.austria/
Twitter: @savetibet1

Our activities are based on the gratuitous and voluntary work of our members and cover various areas of work. For example:

  • Sponsorship – We manage about 900 sponsorships of Tibetan refugees and needy Tibetans.
  • Donations – we raise money to support social projects in Dharamsala and other places of exile Tibetans.
  • regular projects – every quarter we support a special project to help you quickly with important concerns or urgent problem cases.
  • Public Relations – through our INFO booklet and events , we want to draw attention to the situation in Tibet.