Address: Mexico City | Querétaro City
Main Contact: Berenice Lazcano  |  Dulce Rico
Facebook: TibetMx  |  /TibetMxQueretaro
Twitter: @TibetMx

TíbetMx is formed by a group of Mexicans dedicated to spread the situation of Tibet. We support the peaceful struggle of the Tibetan people to safeguard their cultural wealth and their great spiritual legacy.We are part of the International Tibet Network (ITN: International Tibet Network).The group has worked since 2006 with the name of Thinking in Tibet doing activities such as marches, protests, performance, conferences, screening of documentaries, films, exhibitions, collection of signatures, to name a few.In 2013 he changed his name to TibetMx, starting a new stage for the group in which he restructured the way to reach his goals, always with the same ideals of justice and solidarity towards the Tibetan people.

Create awareness and empathy in our country about the systematic violation of human rights that the Tibetan people have suffered since the illegal occupation by China more than 60 years ago, as well as raise awareness about the situation of extreme vulnerability in which the Tibetans are today.
Support the different international campaigns that seek, in different ways, to generate a sense of urgency to achieve a substantial change in the short and medium term on the fragile social, political and cultural situation of the Tibetan people.