Founded: 1989
Address: C/o I. Lauritsen, Høje Gladsaxe 47, 11TH
DK-2860 Søborg, Denmark
Main Contact: Anders Højmark Andersen
+45 5055 2842

The Tibet Support Committee Denmark is the framework for a Danish commitment to improving the conditions of the Tibetan population by supporting their non-violent struggle for freedom, human rights, democracy, and independence. The association was established on March 6, 1989, and has since carried out a variety of campaigns and events.

The existence of the committee is based on the conviction that political support is the best form of aid that we can give a people whose problems are fundamentally due to a political relationship, namely China’s annexation of Tibet and the violations that the Tibetan rights, such as the occupation of the country have caused.

Our information and lobbying work has meant that most Danes today have an idea of what is happening in Tibet. Violations of Tibetan rights have become a recurrent topic in the media as well as in the political debate. There has been a focus on Tibet. We made a difference.