Jigme Guri

Jigme Guri

Jigme Guri (also known as Labrang Jigme or Jigme Gyatso) is a senior monk at Labrang monastery in Amdo (Ch: Gansu Province). In March 2008 he was violently detained by Chinese armed police. Following a 42-day detention, during which time he was beaten unconscious, Jigme Guri recorded a personal video about his arrest, torture and the wider crackdown in Tibet.


In the video, released on YouTube, Jigme Guri bravely stated “Tibetan people are undergoing all kinds of suffering. For me personally, I am a Buddhist monk at Labrang monastery. I was one of those arrested this year. I said this to the face of my captors: if you kill me, then that will be the end of it. But if I am able to go outside and get the opportunity, I will talk about the torture I went through; I will tell the people of the world as a truthful witness, about the sufferings undergone by friends and report these to the media.”


On returning to Labrang Monastery, after several weeks in hiding, Jigme Guri was again detained and held for six months without charge and then again re-arrested on 20 August 2011. He is currently still being held without trial on a charge of “Splittism”. 

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Jigme Guri
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