NEWS UPDATE: Jigme Gyatso/Golog Jigme has escaped Tibet after more than 18-months in hiding. He arrived at Dharamsala Tibetan Reception Center to a hero’s welcome on 19 May 2014.


Jigme Gyatso, also known as Golog Jigme, went missing in September 2012. There was deep concern about his well-being. A friend of Dhondup Wangchen who helped in the making of the film “Leaving Fear Behind”, Jigme Gyatso was also arrested in March 2008 and later sentenced to seven months in prison during which time he was tortured by prison authorities.


Upon release he detailed his treatment to Human Rights Watch stating “For a whole month I was kept handcuffed most days and nights. During the interrogation, I was left hanging with my hands tied behind my back. They punched my face and chest. They accused me of having connections with people abroad”.  He was also hospitalised repeatedly as a result of losing consciousness from the beatings. Jigme Gyatso has been detained a number of other times and has been under heavy surveillance by Chinese security with his movements routinely restricted. 

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