10 March | Tibetan Uprising Day

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Campaign name: Tibetan Uprising Day

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On March 10, 1959 Tibetans rose up against the Chinese government in Lhasa, Tibet’s capital city, which let to the atrocious campaign of killing and imprisoning of Tibetans.


Since 1959 Tibetans and supporters mark 10 March each year to show solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet and to honor and support the brave resistance to Chinese rule that continues to this day.


Tibet Network produce resources for Groups to use for March 10 activities every year.

10 March Uprising Day 2016

Find a march near you and show your support for the Tibetan cause. If there is not a march in your area, consider organising one and use our form to submit your details for others to join.

10 March Uprising Day 2016