Where there is more than one candidate, they are listed alphabetically by family name. Cast your vote (only in your region) by emailing mail@tibetnetwork.org by FRIDAY 8 July. You may have as many votes as there are seats in your region.


Martin Bursik – nominated by Other Space Foundation

Martin Bursik is a former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment of the Czech Republic (1998 and 2007 –2008) and has campaigned for Tibet for many years, including during Xi Jinping’s visit to Prague earlier this year. He has a very strong interest and expertise in climate change and environmental issues. He is a member of the Program Council for Forum 2000.

Natasha Inozemtseva – nominated by Save Tibet Russia

Natasha Inozemtsova has served on the Network Steering Committee since 2013. She is Deputy Director of Save Tibet Foundation in Russia, where she works closely with Telo Rinpoche and is responsible for much of the Foundation’s work related to awareness of Tibet and Save Tibet Russia. As a representative from Russia, she has brought a valuable perspective on working for Tibet in a very challenging political environment.


Sonam Palmo – nominated by Tibetan Youth Association in Europe
Sonam Palmo Brunner, born in Switzerland, has been active in the Tibetan Youth Association in Europe for several years. Prior to her current position as co-president, she was TYAE’s vice president from 2014 to 2016. From 2012 to 2014 she was co-leader of TYAE’s section from Zurich. During this period, one of her major projects was the establishment of a contact point for Tibetan refugees. The idea of this drop-in centre is to offer necessary help to Tibetans new in Switzerland in dealing with administrative difficulties and other daily tasks. Since then, TYAE members help other Tibetans in these areas. Besides her active engagement for the Tibetan cause, Palmo has recently absolved her master in political science and is a passionate football player.

Migmar Raith
 – nominated by Tibet Initiative Deutschland

Migmar Raith joined the Steering Committee in 2009. He was born in Tibet but brought up and schooled in Switzerland. He has been directly engaged in the Tibet movement for well over 30 years and has been involved in a number Tibetan Organisations and NGOs in Switzerland during that time. He has MA in Geography from Biology and Sport University Basel and another MA from Pedagogy and Psychology from University Fribourg. Currently, he is a teacher at grammar school and lecturer at Teacher Training College.

SOUTH ASIA (1 seat)

Narendar Ayar Chowdhary – nominated by Youth Liberation Front of Tibet, East-Turkistan, Manchuria & Inner-Mongolia

Narender Chowdhary is the founder of YLFTM (Youth Liberation Front of Tibet, East-Turkistan, Manchuria & Inner-Mongolia), a nation-wide organization in India since 1999. He spent most of his younger years making efforts to intensify the Tibet movement through different platforms. A passionate supporter, he looks forward to your support in taking the Tibet movement to new dimensions.

Dorjee Tseten – nominated by Students for a Free Tibet, India

Dorjee Tseten was born in a Tibetan refugee settlement in India. He graduated from MS University in Gujarat with a Bachelors in Economics and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights Studies and developed his skills as a trainer at the Tibetan Center for Conflict Resolution before joining the staff of Students for a Free Tibet -India in 2009. He served as SFT India’s National Director for four years, before joining SFT International in 2013. A keen strategist and media spokesperson, Dorjee has trained hundreds of Tibetan and Indian students through SFT’s Youth Leadership Training Program. He has served on the Network Steering Committee since 2012.

USA (2 seats)

Tenzing Dhamcho – nominated by Tibetan Association of Southern California

Tenzing Dhamcho has worked in multiple capacities on the Board of Directors of two different Tibet Support Organizations. He is an avid Tibet activist and a strategist. He has served as the President of Tibetan Association of Southern California from 1998 to 2001 and also as the President of Los Angeles Friends of Tibet from 2002 to 2005. He has subsequently served in an advisory role to the above Organizations and always played an active role in the Tibet movement. Recently, Tenzing Dhamcho has been an active member of numerous media teams to counteract the Shugden protests during the visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to Los Angeles.

Lhadon Tethong – nominated by Tibet Action Institute

Lhadon Tethong is the Executive Director of Tibet Action, is one of the most influential young leaders and recognizable faces in the Tibetan freedom movement and was awarded the first annual James Lawson Award for Nonviolent Achievement by the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict. A Tibetan born in Canada, she served previously as Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet. Lhadon has traveled the world building a powerful non-violent movement for Tibet’s freedom and leading innovative economic and political campaigns against China’s rule in Tibet. A renowned spokesperson on Tibetan issues in the media, Lhadon has addressed audiences globally about Tibet’s occupation and movement for freedom.

Giovanni Vassallo – nominated by Bay Area Friends of Tibet

Giovanni Vassallo has served on the Network Steering Committee since 2012. He s a former Buddhist monk (Norbu Dorje Chan) who was enrolled by his parents in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal, at eleven years old and continued as a monk at a Buddhist center in Northern California until the age of 16. An activist and community organizer for Tibet since 1997, he is currently president of Bay Area Friends of Tibet, and coordinator for the San Francisco Team Tibet coalition. He works for the University of California in San Francisco.


Susan Dayan – nominated by Israeli Friends of Tibetan People

Susan Dayan has served on the Network Steering Committee since 2012 and since the end of 2015 has been Co-Chair alongside Dhardon Sharling. For a decade she has been a Board Member and, since April 2016, Chairperson of Israeli Friends of the Tibetan People (IFTIP). Susan was born in Germany, raised in Switzerland and has lived in Israel for nearly 35 years.


This nominee has unfortunately had to withdraw for personal reasons. Groups in Northern Europe will receive a separate email announcing that nominations will briefly be re-opened.


Motus (Carlos Ramón Bautista Dávila) – nominated by Rangzen Free Tibet Natal and other Groups

English Carlos Ramón Bautista Dávila (Motus) is a designer currently running a digital design agency, and he has been involved with the Tibet movement since 2011, and took part in various National Meetings in México. Now a days he is one of the Coordinators of Tibet Mx Cuernavaca, besides has collaborated with Mexican Tibet Groups creating the visual materials needed for their joint campaigns and cultural events, also he has been able to participate in a couple of campaigns that involved other Tibet Groups such as “Non Violence Pledge Campaign”.