Cast your vote – in your region only please – by emailing Tenzin Jigdal on by the end of Friday 24 July. You may have as many votes as there are seats in your region.


Susan Dayan – nominated by Israeli Friends of the Tibetan People

Susan is the former Steering Committee member fo the International Tibet Network and long time supporter of Tibet. She has been active through her group Israeli friends of the Tibetan people.


Migmar Raith – nominated by Friends of Tibet in Bulgaria

Although Migmar Raith is not from our geographical region, he maintains relations with us and has been cooperating for many years, both with Bulgaria and with other countries in Eastern Europe – Hungary, Poland and others. That is why I find his nomination very useful as a link between Eastern and Western Europe.

Tony Dunne – nominated by Tibet Support Group Ireland

Tony has been part of TSG for a few decades and has very good advocacy skills. He is currently rebuilding support for the group in Ireland.


Namgyal Tsomo – nominated by The Tibet Support Committee Denmark

Namygal Tsomo is a Tibetan and she represents Norwegian Tibet Committee


Janis Martins Skuja– nominated by Latvia for Tibet


Lobby & Project Coordination for Local, State & International Authorities.
Counselor to the Members of Latvian Parliament and municipal governments.
Commercial & Non-commercial Project Production, Management, PR & Promotion.
Representative for promoting bilateral relations – interstate & regional.

  • Founder and Chairman of the Society “Latvia for Tibet” (2008 – Present).
  • 2019. Spokesman and organizer of Tibet peace Rally across Europe “Dialogue of Peace” 30 European countries, in Latvia (October).
  • Host and co-organizer of “7th World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet” in Riga (May).*

  • 2018. Organizer of Tashi Lhunpo monks performance in Riga (September).

  • 2017. Co-organizer of HH Dalai Lama visit Latvia (September).
  • Host of Europe Regional Meeting of Tibet Support Groups in Riga, (May).

  • 2016. Co-organizer of HH Dalai Lama visit Latvia (October).
  • Official Representative of Latvia in the “7th International Conference of Tibet Support Groups”. Brussels (September).
  • 2015. Host of Foreign Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration Dicki Chhoyang in Riga (February).

  • 2014. Host of HH Dalai Lama visit Latvia (May).
  • Host of International Campaign for Tibet Representatives in Riga (December).
  • 2013. Host of HH Dalai Lama visit Latvia (September).
  • Host of Official Representative of HH Dalai Lama (UK, North Europe, Poland, Baltic States) Hon. Thubten Samdup in Riga (March).
  • 2012. Spokesman and organizer of Tibet peace Rally across Europe “Flame of Truth” by 23 European countries, in Latvia (October).
  • Official Representative of Latvia in the “6th World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet” (senators, MP’s governors from all continents). Ottawa (April).
  • 2010. Host of Official Representative of HH Dalai Lama (UK, North Europe, Poland, Baltic States) Hon. Thubten Samdup visit Riga (March).
  • 2008. Co-organizer of campaign “”No” for the Latvian representation in the Olympic Games in China”. Riga (July).

USA (2 seats)

Tenzing Dhamcho – nominated by Santa Barbara Friends of Tibet

Tenzing Dhamcho is a Tibetan and he was the former Steering Committee member of the International Tibet Network. He has been active on Tibet for a  long time in the Los Angeles area.

Lhadon Tethong – nominated by Tibet Action Institute

Co-founder of Tibet Action Institute, Lhadon has traveled the world building a powerful nonviolent movement for Tibet’s freedom and leading innovative campaigns against China’s rule in Tibet. She served previously as Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet. A visionary strategist, she led the high-profile 2008 Beijing Olympic Games protests and was awarded the first annual James Lawson Award for Nonviolent Achievement by the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.


Raymund Zaldivar – nominated by TibetMX Ciudad de México

Spanish: Comprometido y entregado a la causa del Tíbet.

English: Ray, is a man totally involved with the Tibetan movement, since more than 10 years he had puts his heart and soul in all the related about Tibet. As a Coordinator of our team, he always has thinking how as a mexicans we can spread Tibet´s situation. Even he has donated books about Tibet in one of the most important library in Mexico: Biblioteca Vasconcelos.

For several years he has supported the cause of Tibet, both by raising his voice, protesting, launching initiatives at the national and international level; collaborating in the Tibetan newscast, and now with its Spanish format