arm 2International Tibet Network’s 2016 Americas Regional Meeting took place at the offices of National Endowment for Democracy, Washington D.C. from 26 – 28 February inclusive. 35 participants, representing 18 organizations from 5 countries met for almost 3 days of discussions, debate and deliberation. Resources and papers are available via (log-ins to the Members’ area of this website will be required to access this page).


  • A welcome from the Network Chair, Dhardon Sharling, and overview of International Tibet Network and purpose of the meeting from Alison Reynolds, Executive Director.
  • Address from Representative Kaydor Aukatsang who, given the forthcoming election, outlined a number of challenges and opportunities for the Tibet movement and CTA moving forward.  Kaydor returned to the meeting on the 3rd morning and participated in an open Q & A with Bhuchung Tsering of ICT and Lhadon Tethong of Tibet Action.
  • A Situation Analysis exercise on the state of our movement. 
  • Expert presentations from Tenzin Norbu on Tibet’s environment and Andrea Worden of ICT and Burt Wides of Initiatives for China on political opportunities.
  • Workshops on the obstacles and solutions to effective collaboration.
  • Information and presentations on current Network priority campaigns, including Free Tibetan Heroes and the Panchen Lama, Tibet Third Pole and Coordinated Advocacy Actions.

Short presentations on these campaigns were made by:

Free Tibetan Heroes – Tsepa and Sonam, SFT

Downstream Nations advocacy – Dhardon Sharling

United Nations work – Dennis Cusack, Tibet Justice Center

Tiananmen Projects – Adela and Daniel, Initiatives for China

Confucius Institutes – Sonam Chokey SFT Canada

Campaign Planning Workshops were based on Tibet Third Pole, Confucius Institutes, Advocacy for Shokjang (Heroes) along with discussions on issues that had emerged from collaborative working discussions – Coalition-working with China movements, and engaging Tibetan participation in campaigns.

  • Training & Briefing sessions were provided in Strategic Non-Violent Resistance (Tendor and Lhadon) Women in Tibetan Resistance (Dhardon Sharling), Humour in Campaigning (Tenzin Jigdal), Digital Security (Lhadon and Jigdal) and digital fundraising (Consultant Colin Delany).