International Tibet Network Members’ Joint Statement

Updated 26 May 2011

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International  Tibet Network: Tenzin Jigme + 1 703 424 0015 (English/Tibetan, USA) or  Mandie McKeown + 44 7748 158618 (English, UK)

Global   Tibet movement condemns China’s continued crackdown on Tibetan   Monastery, calls for immediate international pressure on China to end   the crisis in Kirti.

Sources   from Ngaba report that armed Chinese forces continue to maintain a   blockade of Kirti Monastery, ‘patriotic re-education’ sessions are   ongoing, and a climate of fear prevails.

The  worldwide membership of the International Tibet Network (1),   consisting of almost 200 Tibet campaign organizations on six continents,   condemns China’s continuing crackdown on the monks of Kirti Monastery   and Tibetans living in Ngaba, Amdo in Eastern Tibet (Ch: Aba, Sichuan   Province). This crackdown, now well into its third month, has to date   resulted in well over 300 detentions, three further deaths and the   sentencing of two monks to three-year prison terms, following the   self-immolation and death of a 20-year old monk named Phuntsok on 16   March (2).

The International Tibet Network calls on  governments around the world to  issue a public statement of concern  about the crisis and to continue to  raise it directly with China in the  strongest diplomatic terms. We  further urge government leaders to  convey to China’s leaders at every  possible opportunity the message  that its paramilitary forces must  withdraw from Ngaba, all detainees  must be unconditionally released and  unfettered access must be granted  to international observers and media.

On 21 April the  crisis intensified when over 300 monks were forcibly  taken away from  Kirti Monastery by paramilitary police. Elderly Tibetans  keeping vigil  at the monastery and who tried to prevent the monks being  removed were  beaten, and two – Dongko (male) and Sherkyi (female), both  in their  sixties – died (3). The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and  Democracy  has reported the death of a further young Tibetan named  Chukpel on 7  April from injuries sustained during a protest, and in  early May two  Kirti monks – Lobsang Dhargye and Kunchok Tsultrim –  received prison  sentences of 3 years each (4). A further 25 detainees  are still missing  and disappearances are continuing, while sympathetic  students at local  schools have been subject to investigations and  lockdowns (see also  note 3). Video footage released on 20 April by Voice  of America’s  Tibetan Service clearly refutes China’s claims that the  situation in  Ngaba is “normal.” See (5).

Venerable Lobsang Tenzin, head of Kirti Monastery, told the International Tibet Network,

“At  around 3am on April 22, more than three hundred monks were  arrested  and many went missing. Chinese constitution guarantees  religious  freedom for all, but for the past two months, the historic  Kirti  monastery has been turned into a prison. The monastery now faces   serious threat of being shut down by the Chinese government. We appeal   to world political leaders, religious heads, and devout followers to   strongly urge Chinese leaders to stop the crackdown in Kirti monastery.”

On 15 April His Holiness the Dalai Lama appealed for restraint, saying,

“The  current situation prevailing at Kirti Monastery in Ngaba in   northeastern Tibet is extremely grim because of the stand-off between   the Chinese military forces and the local Tibetans. The monastery,   housing approximately 2500 monks, is completely surrounded by Chinese   armed forces, who at one point prevented vital food and other supplies    from entering the monastic compound. […] I am very concerned that this   situation if allowed to go on may become explosive with catastrophic   consequences for the Tibetans in Ngaba.” (6)

The  crackdown in Kirti Monastery and the detention of over 300 monks was   raised by the United States government during the recent US/China   Strategic Dialogue (9 and 10 May), but Australian Prime Minister Julia   Gillard and European Council President Herman van Rompuy both apparently   failed to discuss the crisis with Chinese leaders during their recent   visits to China. Tibetans and Tibet supporters worldwide urge all those   involved in future visits and diplomatic exchanges to robustly express   their concerns to China’s most senior leaders about for the safety of   monks and Tibetan lay people in Ngaba, and to call for an end to the   human rights abuses being inflicted by Chinese paramilitary forces.



1.  The International Tibet Network is a global coalition of 184 Tibet   related non-governmental organizations, which works to maximise the   effectiveness of the worldwide Tibet movement. Network Member   organizations hold varied positions on Tibet’s future political status,   but all regard Tibet as an occupied country and are dedicated to ending   human rights violations in Tibet, and to working actively to restore  the  Tibetan people’s right under international law to determine their  own  political, economic, social, religious, and cultural status.
2.  Tibetan monk Phuntsok, aged 20, immolated himself in the market area   of Ngaba on 16 March, the third anniversary of protests at Kirti   Monastery in 2008 when police opened fire on and killed at least ten   Tibetans. Phuntsok died in hospital on 17 March. For a chronology of   events see For an updated list of those known to have been detained, see International Campaign for Tibet, 26 May 2011, see [, full LINK will be added by 27 May] 3. See International Campaign for Tibet, 9 May 2011,
4. See Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy updates 5 May 2011 which includes photographs of Lobsang Dhargye and Kunchok Tsultrim, and 29 April 2011 (warning, graphic image).
5.  Detailed analyses of the Voice of America Tibetan Service’s video  have  been published by the International Campaign for Tibet, see and Tibet Society UK, see
6. To read His Holiness’ statement in full see

Signed by Members of the International Tibet Network

Western Europe
Aide aux Refugies Tibetains
Association Dorje
Association Drôme Ardèche-Tibet
Association Rencontres Tibetaines – C.S.P.T. Midi-Pyrenees
Associazione Italia -Tibet
Austrian Committee for Tibet
Autodétermination-Tibet 09/31
Briancon05 Urgence Tibet
Caisse d’Aide aux Prisonniers Tibetains
Casa del Tibet – Spain
Comite de Apoyo al Tibet (CAT)
Comite de Soutien au Peuple Tibetain (Les Lilas)
Corse – Tibet
Eco-Tibet France
EcoTibet Ireland
France Tibet
Free Tibet
Groupe Non-Violent Louis Lecoin, France
Grupo de Apoio ao Tibete, Portugal
International Campaign for Tibet Deutschland
International Campaign for Tibet Europe
International Society of Human Rights, Munich Chapter (IGFM)
Jamtse Thundel Association
La Porte du Tibet, Geneva
Les Amis du Tibet – Belgium
Les Amis du Tibet Luxembourg
Lions Des Neiges Mont Blanc, France
Lungta Association Belgium
Maison des Himalayas
Maison du Tibet – Tibet Info
Nice Tibet
Nos Amis de l’Himalaya
Objectif Tibet
Passeport Tibetain
Phagma Drolma-Arya Tara
Reseau International des Femmes pour le Tibet
Save Tibet, Austria
Society for Threatened Peoples International
Solidarite Tibet
Students for a Free Tibet – France
Students for a Free Tibet – UK
Swiss Tibetan Friendship Association (GSTF)
Tibet 59 / 62
Tibet Democratie
Tibet Initiative Deutschland
Tibets Kinder im Exile V.
Tibet Liberte Solidarite
Tibet Libertes, France
Tibet Society, U.K.
Tibet Support Group – Ireland
Tibet Support Group – Netherlands
Tibet Unterstutzung Liechtenstein
Tibetan Association of Germany
Tibetan Community Austria
Tibetan Community in Britain
Tibetan Community in Ireland
Tibetan Youth Association in Europe
Tibetan Youth UK
TSG Free Tibet And You
Tsowa-Maintenir la Vie, France
Vrienden Van Tibet
Tibetan Community of Italy
Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring vzw

Northern Europe
Association of Free Tibet
Friends of Tibet in Finland
Swedish Tibet Committee
SFT Denmark
The Norwegian Tibet Committee
Tibet Support Committee Denmark
Tibetan Community in Denmark
Tibetan Community Sweden

Central & Eastern Europe
Fair Society o.s.
Friends of Tibet Slovakia
Friends of Tibet Society St. Petersburg, Russia
International Youth Human Rights Group – Human Rights in Tibet
Lithuanian Tibet Culture Foundation
Polish Movement for a Free Tibet
Save Tibet Foundation
Society for Croatia-Tibet Friendship
Students for a Free Tibet, Poland
The Foundation for Civil Society, Russia
Tibet cesky (Tibet in Czech)
Tibet Support Association – Hungary
Tibet Support Group – Krasnodar Region, Russia
Tibet Support Group – Romania
Tibet Support Group – Sochi Region, Russia
Tibetan Community in Poland
Tibetan Programme of The Other Space Foundation
TSG – Slovenia
Union Latvija Tibetai (Latvia for Tibet )
Zida Cels, Latvia
Tibetan Association of Slovakia

North America
Association Cognizance Tibet, North Carolina
Bay Area Friends of Tibet
Boston Tibet Network
Canada Tibet Committee
Colorado Friends of Tibet
Committee of 100 for Tibet
CTC – Calgary
Dhokam Chushi Gangdruk
International Campaign for Tibet
International Tibet Independence Movement
Los Angeles Friends of Tibet
Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association
San Diego Friends of Tibet
Santa Barbara Friends of Tibet
Sierra Friends of Tibet
Snow Lion Foundation
Students for a Free Tibet
Students for a Free Tibet – Canada
The Tibetan Alliance of Chicago
The World Tibet Day Foundation
Tibet Committee of Fairbanks
Tibet Justice Center
Tibetan Association of Ithaca
Tibetan Association of Northern California
Tibetan Association of Philadelphia
Tibetan Association of Santa Fe
Tibetan Association of Southern California
Tibetan Cultural Association – Quebec
Tibet Oral History Project
Toronto Tibet Youth Congress
United Nations for a Free Tibet (UNFFT)
U.S. Tibet Committee
Western Colorado Friends of Tibet
Wisconsin Tibetan Association

Central and South America
Amigos del Tibet, El Salvador
Asociación Cultural Peruano Tibetana
Asociación Cultural Tibetano – Costarricense
Casa Tibet Mexico
Centro De Cultura Tibetana – Brazil
Grupo De Apoyo a Tibet Chile
Grupo Pro-Cultura Tibetana, Chile
Le Club Francais – Paraguay
Pensando En Tibet – Mexico
Tibet Group-Panama
Tíbet Patria Libre, Uruguay
Fundación Pro Tibet – Argentina
Friends of Tibet in Costa Rica
World League for Freedom and Democracy

Bharrat Tibbat Sahyog Manch, India
Core Group for Tibetan Cause, India
Foundation for Universal Responsibility of H. H. the Dalai Lama
Gu-Chu-Sum Movement of Tibet
Himalayan Committee for Action on Tibet
India Tibet Friendship Society
Japan Association of Monks for Tibet (Super Sangha)
Lung-Ta Project
Mahatma Gandhi Tibet Freedom Movement
National Campaign for Tibetan Support, India
National Democratic Party of Tibet
Raise Tibetan Flag Campaign
Roof of the World Foundation, Indonesia
SFT Japan
SFT India
Students for a Free Tibet – Bangladesh
Taiwan Friends of Tibet
Taiwan Tibet Exchange Foundation
The Youth Liberation Front of Tibet, Mongolia and Turkestan
Tibet Lives, India
Tibet Philippines Support Network
Tibet Solidarity Forum, Bangladesh
Tibet Support Group Kiku, Japan
Tibet Support Network Japan
Tibetan Student Association, Madras (TSAM)
Tibetan Parliamentary and Policy Research Centre
Tibetan Rights and Freedom Committee (TRFRC)
Tibetan Women’s Association (Central)
Tibetan Youth Congress
Japan Committee of 100 for TIbet
Ns3 Rigpa Community Builder’s Foundation
Anterrashtriya Bharat – Tibbet Sahyog Samiti

A.C.T. Tibet Support Group
Australia Tibet Council
Friends of Tibet New Zealand
Students for a Free Tibet New Zealand