21 September 2023 – We, a global coalition of over 143 Tibet-related organisations, are writing to you concerning the upcoming UN Human Rights Council election on 10 October in which China is running for a seat.

As you will be aware, members of the Human Rights Council are expected to maintain the highest standards of human rights and to fully cooperate with the Council, neither of which China has upheld.

To date, there are 25 outstanding visit requests to China by UN experts, some outstanding for over 15 years  while the last UN High Commissioner for Human Rights who was granted access to Tibet was Mary Robinson in 1998. Tibetans who have cooperated with the United Nations, its representatives, and mechanisms have been subject to reprisals and intimidation by the Chinese government, as noted by the UN Secretary General’s report

At the same time, China has failed to respect and protect human rights, both at home and abroad, and repression in Tibet has gone from bad to worse. Tibet is ranked by Freedom House as the least free place in the world alongside Syria for civil and political rights.

Over the past 12 months alone, multiple UN human rights bodies have raised alarm at the escalation of human rights abuses in Tibet, including the residential school system that has seen almost 1 million Tibetan children separated from their families and communities:  

The growing catalogue of assault on human rights coupled with abject failures to cooperate with the United Nations, and systematic efforts to undermine freedoms globally, make it utterly untenable for UN Member States to support China’s election bid

Granting China a seat at the Council will undercut the Council’s credibility and send a dangerous signal that the Human Rights Council is not fit for the purpose it was created.

In the interest of safeguarding the integrity of the Human Rights Council and fulfilling the vision of its creators, we urge your delegation to the UN General Assembly to apply the membership criteria of its own resolution when casting their secret ballots; China clearly falls very short of those standards. We also call on your government to commit itself publicly to support a competitive, genuinely contested and principled electoral process for Human Rights Council elections.

Yours sincerely,

Tibet Advocacy Coalition Members on behalf of Member Groups of the International Tibet Network:

Gloria Montgomery
UN Advocacy Director
Tibet Justice Center
Mandie McKeown
Executive Director
International Tibet Network
Pema Doma
Executive Director
Students for a Free Tibet
Tenzin Zöchbauer
Executive Director
Tibet Initiative Deutschland
Lhadon Tethong
Tibet Action Institute
Tsering Gonpa
Tibetan Youth Association Europe

Member Groups of the International Tibet Network listed below:


Aide aux Refugies Tibetains
Alaskans for Tibet
Amigos de Tibet, Colômbia
Amigos de Tibet, La Unión Chile
Amigos del Tibet, El Salvador
Amigos del Tibet, Santiago de Chile
Anterrashtriya Bharat – Tibbet Sahyog Samiti
Asociación Cultural Peruano Tibetana
Asociación Cultural Tibetano Costarricense
Association Cognizance Tibet, North Carolina
Association Drôme Ardèche-Tibet
Associazione Italia-Tibet
Australia Tibet Council
Balijara Foundation – Maharashtra
Bay Area Friends of Tibet
Bharat Tibbat Sahyog Manch
Bharat Tibbat Samanvay Sangh
Bharat Tibet Sangh – India
Bharat Tibet Sangh – Jammu
Bharrat Tibbat Samvad Manch, India
Boston Tibet Network
Briancon05 Urgence Tibet
Canada Tibet Committee
Casa Tibet México
Centro Cultural Columbo Tibetano
Centro De Cultura Tibetana, Brazil
Centro para la Apertura y el Desarrollo de
América Latina
Circle of Friends (Philippines)
Comité de Apoyo al Tibet (CAT)
Committee of 100 for Tibet
Core Group for Tibetan Cause, India
Czechs Support Tibet
Dream for Children, Japan
EcoTibet Ireland
Foundation for Universal Responsibility of H. H. the Dalai Lama
Free Indo-Pacific Alliance
Free Tibet
Free Tibet Fukuoka
Friends of Tibet Costa Rica
Friends of Tibet in Bulgaria
Friends of Tibet in Finland
Friends of Tibet New Zealand
Ganasamannay Kolkata
Grupo de Apoio ao Tibete, Portugal
Himalayan Committee for Action on Tibet –
Human Rights Network for Tibet & Taiwan
India Tibet Friendship Society
India Tibet Friendship Society – Bihar
India Tibet Friendship Society -Dashthrathpuni
India Tibet Friendship Society – Delhi
India Tibet Friendship Society – Muzaffarpur
International Campaign for Tibet
International Society for Human Rights Munich Chapter
International Tibet Independence Movement
Israeli friends of the Tibetan People
Jal Kalyan Seva Samiti, Rajasthan
Japan Association of Monks for Tibet (Super
Le Club Français – Paraguay
Les Amis du Tibet Luxembourg
Liberté au Tibet (Colmar, France)
Lions Des Neiges Mont Blanc, France
LUNGTA – Actief voor Tibet
Maison des Himalayas
Maison du Tibet – Tibet Info
National Campaign for Free Tibet Support,
National Democratic Party of Tibet
Objectif Tibet
Passeport Tibetain
Phagma Drolma-Arya Tara
RangZen:Movimento Tibete Livre, Brasil
RBA Réseau Bouddhisme et Action, France
Roof of the World Foundation, Indonesia
Sakya Trinley Ling
Santa Barbara Friends of Tibet
Save Tibet Foundation
Save Tibet, Austria
SFT Japan
SFT Taiwan
Sierra Friends of Tibet
Students for a Free Tibet – Canada
Students for a Free Tibet – France
Students for a Free Tibet Denmark
Swedish Tibet Committee
Swiss Tibetan Friendship Association (GSTF)
Taiwan Friends of Tibet
Tashi Delek Bordeaux
The Global Alliance for Tibet & Persecuted Minorities
The Norwegian Tibet Committee
The Youth Liberation Front of Tibet, East-Turkestan, Manchuria & Inner-Mongolia
Tibet Action Group of Western Australia
Tibet cesky (Tibet in Czech)
Tibet Committee of Fairbanks
Tibet Friendship and Cooperation Society
Tibet Group, Panama
Tibet Lives
Tíbet Patria Libre, Uruguay
Tibet Rescue Initiative in Africa
Tibet Society of South Africa
Tibet Solidarity
Tibet Support Association Hungary
Tibet Support Committee Denmark
Tibet Support Group – Netherlands
Tibet Support Group Adelaide – Australia
Tibet Support Group Ireland
Tibet Support Group Kenya
Tibet Support Group Kiku, Japan
Tibet Support Group, Costa Rica
Tibetan Association of Germany
Tibetan Association of Ithaca
Tibetan Association of Northern California
Tibetan Association of Philadelphia
Tibetan Community Austria
Tibetan Community in Australia (Queensland)
Tibetan Community in Britain
Tibetan Community in Denmark
Tibetan Community in France
Tibetan Community in Ireland
Tibetan Community in Japan
Tibetan Community of Australia (Victoria)
Tibetan Community of Italy
Tibetan Community Sweden
Tibetan Cultural Association – Quebec
Tibetan Programme of The Other Space Foundation
Tibetan Women’s Association (Central)
Tibetans of Mixed Heritage
Tibetisches Zentrum Hamburg
TSG – Slovenia
U.S. Tibet Committee
United Nations for a Free Tibet (UNFFT)
Voces de Tibet, México
World League for Freedom and Democracy