A presentation of some of the Tibet movement’s most successful campaigns, to celebrate our achievements, reinforce the importance of excellent strategies and tactics, and preserve institutional memory.

What stands out as being key to these successes is collaboration; the vast majority have involved multiple Tibet Groups working together to maximize reach, influence and the strength of the movement. Sometimes Groups pursued complementary strategies, for example the inside/outside track approach in the World Bank campaign, and there are numerous cases where alliances with non-Tibet organisations were critical to our success.

In addition to the wide range of targets we campaign against – China itself, companies, banks, our governments, the UN, international NGOs, academic groups, the law courts – it’s worth highlighting the incredible diversity of tactics employed, showing our movement’s enormous versatility despite our modest resources – from the more frequently-used advocacy, creative awareness-raising and the core activities of protest and direct action, to legal challenges, shareholder resolutions and exposés.

For more examples of tactics our movement has used, take a look at our recently updated Tactics Report, available via Issuu or Dropbox. Copies of an older version of this report are available in French and Spanish from Dropbox.

We hope you enjoy this “prezi” – whether it brings back feelings of nostalgia, informs you of campaigns you did not know about – and that it gives you an uplifting feeling of inspiration, or some ideas for achieving future success!