We believe the global Tibet movement is most effective when our members come together and work in collaboration. To support and develop collaboration Tibet Network organize regular meetings, information exchange sessions and training to enable our member organisations to devise and engage in detailed strategic campaign planning.

We have Coordinators, in Europe, East Asia, South Asia and in Latin America. Coordinators are responsible for campaign building and strengthening regional networks.  and assisting Members in finding appropriate regional strategies for implementing global campaigns. They provide support and advice, especially to newly formed groups.


We develop coordinated campaign strategies in a variety of ways, including via Campaign Working Groups made up of Network member organisation representatives, or with Task Forces set up to analyse specific situation analysis and recommend related strategies.

Capacity Building

We work to build the strength and capacity of the Tibet movement by helping Network member organisations build their resources and increase the skill-base of their campaigners. We develop and provide training in a number of key areas including supporter development and mobilisation, fundraising, strategic campaign planning and communication skills. We also host online seminars and knowledge exchange sessions.