Who can be a member of the International Tibet Network?

Membership of the Tibet Network is open to all Tibet related non-governmental organizations with a commitment to non-violence, including Tibetan Associations, Tibetan NGOs, and Tibet Support Groups.

The International Tibet Network respects the variety of views and opinions of its member organisations, for example concerning Tibet’s future political status, and believes that diversity strengthens our movement.

Why become a member of the International Tibet Network?

The Network is by far the largest coalition of Tibet-related organizations and its large membership represents not only the strength of the Tibet movement but more importantly signifies a commitment to coordination among Tibet groups. Currently there are over 180 members from 50 different countries.

Here are some additional reasons to join,

  • The Network creates platforms for groups to collectively brainstorm and plan: for example through Regional Meetings and Campaign Working Groups
  • The Network provides effective campaign resources on a regular basis
  • The Network aims to build the capacity of individual member organisations, by arranging  trainings and – when finances permit – an annual small grants scheme
  • The Tibet movement can become stronger when Groups work together in a coordinated way on strategic campaigns.

There is no mandatory participation for members in campaigns or initiatives, so your organisation can decide – according to your resources and priorities – whether to take part in, promote or lead a particular campaign/initiative.

Are there Tibetan NGOs that are members of the International Tibet Network?

Yes, most Tibetan NGOs are member of the Network. These include Tibetan Women’s Association, Gu Chu Sum Movement for Tibet and National Democratic Party of Tibet. Representatives of Tibetan NGOs are active members of the Network’s Steering Committee.

Are there Tibetan Associations that are members of the International Tibet Network?

Yes, there are many Tibetan Associations that are active members of the Network. Many have been members for a number of years and have contributed to the Tibet movement’s strategic planing and coordination via Regional meetings, direct contact with Network Secretariat and/or other Tibet groups, or by becoming part of a Campaign Working Group.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes. The membership fee is calculated on a sliding scale based on each Group’s annual income. Even though the majority of the Network’s income is from grant-making trusts and foundations, the membership fee is extremely important as a demonstration of Groups’ commitment to the Network and also to show potential funders of the support that exists for the International Tibet Network.

• To view Membership Fee scales and details of how to pay, please click here.

• Membership Form for Tibet Groups [Google Doc]

If you have any question about anything, please contact Tenzin Jigdal.