The International Tibet Network is looking for a talented individual to be its new Asia Regional Coordinator. As a member of our Secretariat team you will play a vital role in supporting the global Tibet movement. Located in the Asia region (ideally Dharamsala or Delhi), you will have excellent interpersonal communication skills, speak and write English and Tibetan, be familiar with campaigning, and able to travel. Your role will be to advance the Network’s goals of implementing coordinated strategic campaigns, building capacity and strengthening relationships between Tibet Groups in the important Asia region. Hindi and Chinese would be an advantage.

This position is full-time. A competitive salary and health insurance will be offered according to experience.  The closing date is Sunday 16 August 2016..
BACKGROUND to the International Tibet Network
The International Tibet Network was established at a conference of Tibet Support Groups in Berlin in May 2000 to provide a mechanism for campaign development, co-ordination and capacity building for the worldwide Tibet Support Groups and Tibetan Associations
The Network existed largely as a voluntary body until 2005, when funding was secured for a major shift in the capacity of the Network to fulfill its objectives.  The Secretariat’s current staff positions include an Executive Director, an International Coordinator, a Campaigns Coordinator and Regional Coordinators in Asia and Latin America.
The International Tibet Network’s Mission Statement is as follows:
The International Tibet Network is a global coalition of Tibet related non-governmental organizations. Its purpose is to maximize the effectiveness of the worldwide Tibet movement, which is dedicated to ending human rights violations in Tibet and to working actively to restore the Tibetan people’s right under international law to determine their own political, economic, social, religious, and cultural status.
The International Tibet Network is committed to non-violence as a fundamental principle of the Tibetan struggle. Network Members regard Tibet as an occupied country and recognize the Tibetan Government in Exile as the sole legitimate government of the Tibetan people. Beyond these principles, the Network respects the variety of views and opinions of its Member organizations and believes that diversity strengthens our movement.
The International Tibet Network pursues its goals by working to increase the capacity of individual member organizations, by developing coordinated strategic campaigns, and by encouraging increased cooperation among organizations, thereby strengthening the Tibet movement as a whole.
Network policy decisions are made by a 20-person Steering Committee, elected by Member organizations to represent 11 regions around the world. The current Chair of the Network is Dhardon Sharling (based in India). We have 180 Member organizations, which we gather together every 18 months or so for Regional Meetings, and approximately every 3 years for International Meetings, in order to plan strategic campaigns, share and increase skills and build inter-group relationships. In between meetings, campaign planning is conducted through Campaign Working groups and other ad hoc consultation groups.
The Network’s Strategic Campaign Plan has the goal of A substantial increase in coordinated, sustained activity by Tibet Groups leading to a major increase in pressure on China so that it genuinely addresses the Tibetan political situation.”  The plan is structured around 4 strands or themes: 
1: To put Tibetans in Tibet first: to amplify and support the ways in which they resist China’s occupation.
2: To radically increase pressure on our governments for concrete action to support the Tibetan people.
3: To put the spotlight on Chinese leaders with direct responsibility for Tibet policy:
4: To reach out to selected groups of Chinese people.
For more information about the Network, visit
For a list of campaign websites we manage, see
To respond to the needs of the International Tibet Network’s members in the Asia region and contribute to building an effective global network of Tibet campaign organisations. To implement the Network’s strategic priorities of campaign co-ordination and capacity building among the member organisations in the region. To build the Network’s membership in the region. See below for full job description.
The successful candidate will possess the following skills and qualities:
  • Good written and spoken English.
  • Good written and spoken Tibetan.
  • Knowledge of other languages, especially Hindi or Chinese, would be a significant advantage.
  • Experience of planning and implementing campaigns, preferably with knowledge of Tibet and the Tibet movement
  • Commitment to the aims and objectives of the International Tibet Network.
  • Excellent face to face and voice communication and interpersonal skills, particularly in multicultural environments. Enjoyment of creating and building relationships with others. 
  • Specific experience of coalition-building, or working with diverse Groups to identify common purpose would be an advantage.
  • Experience of using digital communication systems, with the ability to quickly learn how to use unfamiliar software.  A good understanding of online security protocols is desirable. Experience of using Apple Operating systems, Drupal and WordPress would be an advantage
  • Experience of providing training and support, or demonstrate the ability to quickly acquire these skills.
  • Good administrative and organising skills. A proven ability to set up and adhere to consistent, methodical work practices would be desirable. Experience of managing budgets would be an advantage.
  • Self motivating, and willing to work alone and be managed from a distance.
  • Flexibility about occasional anti-social hours.
  • Legal residency and employment status in country of domicile
  • Possession of appropriate travel documentation, and willingness to travel would be a significant advantage.
This is a full-time position requiring 35 hours per week, offered subject to a three month probationary period. A competitive salary based on the successful candidate’s experience will be offered, along with an appropriate health insurance policyThe candidate would ideally be based in Dharamsala or Delhi but other locations in the Asia region would be considered. The Network has no funds to pay for relocation, but the successful candidate may work from home or from the offices of a Network Member organisation where available. Reliable access to a fast internet connection is essential, and a location with good travel connections is desirable. The Network would provide a good quality Mac laptop computer along with a modest budget for communications and other work-related expenses.
Send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume with a covering letter to Tenzin Jigdal, International Coordinator (see below). Your letter must include the following information:
  • An explanation of how you are qualified for the position, by addressing all the points in the section Personal Qualities Required (see 3. above).
  • Tell us why you want the job.
  • The names and contact details (including phone and email) of three people who can give you a reference. One should be your current or most recent employer.
(Please apply by emailing your application in the body of an email, or by uploading to Google Drive, rather than sending attachments. Please note that we will not open any attachments unless we are satisfactorily able to verify your identity, so if you send attachments you risk your application not being considered.)
Please submit your application by email to: jigdal@tibetnetwork.orgClosing date 16 August 2015.