Tibetans in Tibet First Resources

Tibetans in Tibet First Resources


Stand Up For Tibet

Resources for our flagship campaign to get the international community to address the self-immolation crisis in Tibet


To increase coordinated action by World Governments to address the crisis situation in Tibet.
free heroes

Political Prisoners

Campaign resources for Free Tibetan Heroes, a campaign for the release of key political prisoners in Tibet

Tibetan Nomads’ Rights

A campaign devised to build awareness of the impact of China’s “resettlement” policies and the threat they impose on Tibetan nomads.

Tibet Third Pole

A campaign created to highlight the environmental crisis in Tibet.
cultural resistance

Tibetan Cultural Resistance

Tibetans have embraced nonviolent tactics that defy Beijing’s authority, strengthen Tibetan identity and inspire hope.

Tibetan National Uprising Day

Since 1959 Tibetans and supporters mark 10 March each year to commemorate as the Tibetan National Uprising Day.

Human Rights Day

On 10 December every year people around the world celebrate Human Rights Day.